A spiritual pilgrimage: Stations of the Cross

by DioceseofVenice | April 19, 2017 1:20 pm

Stations of the Cross

Staff Report (Florida Catholic)


Easter Sunday is the celebration of the divine mystery: Jesus’s Resurrection from the dead.

However, the path of his suffering under the Roman Prefect Pontius Pilate and the bearing of the cross is a story which has especially significant meaning.

The Living Stations of the Cross travels through Immokalee on Good Friday (April 14) with thousands of people fro Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish.

On Good Friday (the Friday before Easter Sunday), many Catholics participate in The Stations of the Cross (Via Crucis), which consists of 14 scenes from the Passion following the path Christ carried the cross before his crucifixion. The devotion allows the faithful to make a spiritual pilgrimage and meditate on the Passion of Christ.

For the faithful of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Immokalee, the stations went beyond the walls of the Church and out into the streets, complete with Jesus crowned in thorns, along with actors decked-out in centurion garb and others playing key figures in the retelling of the story. Several thousand followed behind the procession, stopping along the way to re-live the suffering Christ endured.

The Living Stations of the Cross at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Immokalee on Good Friday, April 14, drew thousands.

The procession began behind the church on platforms for all to watch and included the betrayal of Christ at the Garden of Gethsemane and then His appearance before Pontius Pilate and sentencing to death. The procession then flowed onto the streets in Immokalee as the crowd swelled. Taking a loop back to the church, the climactic conclusion took place at sunset when Jesus died on the cross.

The Stations of the Cross took place on Good Friday at most Parishes throughout the Diocese, whether it was inside a Parish Church, or a living stations as took place in Immokalee and St. Jude Parish in Sarasota, the devotion and spiritual journey was profound.

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