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Bishop Frank J. Dewane delivered a report on healthcare, the federal budget and tax reform on Nov. 14 at the Fall General Assembly of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Baltimore, Md.

As part of his Chairmanship of the USCCB Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, Bishop Dewane said healthcare, the federal budget and tax reform are issues which are at the forefront of the national conscience and the decisions being made on them at the national level will have deep and lasting impacts on untold numbers of people, but most worrisome is the impact on the poor. At the same time. he urged his brother bishops to contact lawmakers personally to advocate for these issues.

While many of the topics Bishop Dewane speaks about through the committee are debated as partisan issues, the Bishop said the focus of the USCCB is on principles and how they apply to particular policies. “The budget is a moral document, as are many of the issues we are dealing with.”

Moral principles are the basis of the advocacy Bishop Dewane promotes on behalf of the USCCB for the poorest of our brothers and sisters in Christ. This is a driving force behind much of the work of the USCCB and specifically for his work on the Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development.

In a press conference following the USCCB presentation, Bishop Dewane was asked about the tax reform bill which was under consideration. The Bishop noted that certain provisions would put in jeopardy “some of the safety net programs that help the poor,” saying that the tax cuts, which are expected to drive up the federal deficit, will eventually lead to reductions in social services. He added that certain tax increases “will hit the poor very hard” in the coming years.

“No tax reform proposal is acceptable that increases taxes for those living in poverty to help pay for benefits for wealthy citizens,” the Bishop said, repeating comments made in a letter to lawmakers earlier this fall.

Since taking over as Chairman of Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development in 2016, Bishop Dewane has had to speak on behalf of the USCCB on issues ranging from poverty, Civil Rights/race, the economy – including the budget and tax reform – border issues, climate, healthcare, social services, criminal justice, death penalty, labor, welfare programs, human trafficking, gun violence and more.

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