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Job Title:                    Business Manager, Saint Francis of Assisi Church, Grove City, FL

Position:                    Full-time, Exempt

Reports to:                 Pastor




The purpose of this position is responsibility for managing the day-to-day diverse aspects of the parish in the areas of accounting, church facilities, human resources, and office staff supervision.  The Business Manager ensures the efficient use of parish assets.  The Business Manager understands the profile and vision of the Diocese and the Parish and follows established policies and procedures.  The following are elements of the job description, which include other tasks and projects as directed by the Pastor.


Financial Management


  • Monitor all financial transactions in accordance with standard accounting principles, Diocesan directives, and the Pastor’s needs.
  • Process payroll in accordance with the established system and distribute W-2s
  • Ensure timely purchasing and payment schedules
  • Ensure the reconciliation of bank statements on a monthly basis.
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and year-end Reports reflecting the financial status of the parish for Pastor and Finance Council and the Diocese of Venice as required, including Offertory Collection Reports and Online-giving
  • Make weekly bank deposit and when needed
  • Serve as the contact to financial institutions and the Diocesan business offices.
  • Administer contracts and purchasing transactions to ensure goods and services are received and meet Diocesan requirements.
  • Prepare and log Funeral Internments and prepaid funerals
  • Monitor revenue and expenses of parish organizations
  • Prepare annual statement of contributions upon request
  • Prepare acknowledgment letters for contribution of $250 or more
  • Prepare annual budget for review and adoption by Pastor and Finance Council.
  • Prepare financial records as requested for annual audit.


Facilities Management


  • Maintain and monitor preventative maintenance schedule for all church equipment and facilities and recommends replacement as needed.
  • Ensure a scheduled cleaning of church and parish center for special events.
  • Maintain a master key file and key checkout log.
  • Solicit bids and quotes for services/supplies and coordinate all vendor contracts
  • File reports of accidents, theft, vandalism, and damage claims to Diocesan and/or civil authorities
  • Arrange for the purchase, lease or sale of equipment with approval of the Pastor
  • Oversee maintenance of mechanical systems and facilities, within the church building, the Parish Center, and the Rectory.
  • Supervise construction, improvement, and/or repair of Parish facilities.

Personnel Management


  • Develop and implement methods to encourage, coach, and support Staff.
  • Identify education and training opportunities to assist Staff.
  • Secure and maintain personnel files with job description, annual performance review, background checks, emergency info. and Diocesan required information.
  • Keep the Pastor informed of personnel progress and/or concerns.
  • Maintain personnel time-off schedule and balances for quarterly review by Pastor


Business Operations


  • Maintain Members database and Sacramental Records: Maintain Record Books; Sacramental Register (database); Prepare Certificates for Baptisms, Marriage and all Sacraments; Record Funerals, Anointings, and other Sacraments; Pre-arrange Funeral Internment in Memorial Garden’ Organize document for request Marriage Sacraments, Obtain all necessary documents for Confirmandi.
  • Follow procedures for safekeeping of hard copy and electronic records.
  • Oversee the operation and maintenance of the computer system.
  • Inventory and Purchase of office and church supplies, including offertory envelopes, church candles, Altar Bread and Wine, etc.
  • Prepare and Reconcile Church Inventory Project with “Asset Report” annually;
  • Provide plan for the security for all office supplies and equipment.
  • Follow Diocesan procedures related to communications and safe environment policies (Website, Bulletin, social media).




  • Exhibits organizational and planning skills with attention to detail
  • Demonstrates leadership and effective interpersonal communication skills and project a positive motivation with a patient and gentle spirit.
  • Participates in problem solving that is respectful of the views of others and leads to the best resolution.
  • Attends Staff meetings and Diocesan meetings as directed by the Pastor.


Qualifications/Position Requirements:


  • Preferred Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration or related field.
  • A minimum of four years of accounting experience.
  • A minimum of two years of personnel and office management experience.
  • Proficient in QuickBooks software
  • Knowledge of standard accounting principles and practices
  • Ability to prioritize work assignments for self and others.
  • Flexibility to adjust to changes in schedules, routines and job assignments.
  • Applies professional skills and knowledge to management of special projects
  • Maintains strict confidentiality in all areas of responsibilities


Please send resume along with salary history to:


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