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Job Summary: Responsible for developing a parish based pastoral ministry with youth.  Reaches out to all youth in the community, provides for formal catechesis, invites, and enables the youth to serve others. Develops close communication with and mutual support from, families of youth and collaborates with other community and parish organizations.

Supervisor: Pastor


Job Duties I Responsibilities:


  • Creates and develops core group and proves for its enrichment.
  • Develops leadership skills in youth and young adults.
  • Develops a network for reaching out to youth, particularly the alienated.
  • Is available for listening, advising and referrals for guidance.
  • Plans, coordinates and implements retreats and times of prayer and Gospel reflection.
  • Develops the kind of relationship with parents that are conducive to open communication between parent and youth.
  • Provides opportunities for youth to hear and respond to the Gospel message.
  • Work collaboratively with the Director of Religious Education identifying areas for service in the parish, the wider community, and the world – especially areas of social concerns and community worship.
  • Assists in the preparation of liturgical celebrations for the youth.


  • Initiates ways of gathering data on the need, interest, attitudes and beliefs of youth and young adults.
  • Plans, organizes, and implements program and experiences that provide for a specific approach in meeting the needs and interests of youth and young adults. Formulate and present to the Parish Staff and Parish Community a total vision of youth Ministry at appropriate times and places.
  • Submits annual financial report and budget; administers budget throughout the year.
  • Maintains necessary office and program records including a log of activities and time.
  • Determines effective means for publicizing and promoting programs and experiences.
  • Submits periodic reports to the pastor I administrator and Parish Council, detailing programs in youth ministry.
  • Provide up-to-date progress reports to the Parish Staff by attending regular staff meetings.


  • Keeps the Parish faith community informed of youth ministry activities and goals.
  • Participates in parish governing structures to insure greater participation of youth in parish life and to facilitate communication and decision- making.
  • Supervises and coordinates scheduling of youth events and activities.
  • Keeps informed through attendance at diocesan, regional, a national conference, regular readings, and membership in professional associations.
  • Is aware of community agencies and resources that interface with youth.
  • Sets annual goals and objectives for each Junior I Senior High program as requested.



  1. Understanding of the scriptural and theological foundations of evangelization, including concepts such as revelation, discipleship.
  2. Ability to utilize proper liturgical process to design, implement and coordinate youth liturgies, prayer services, and worship experiences.
  3. Understanding of the theological and psychological foundations of youth retreats: principles, models, methods, and skills for designing retreats developmentally appropriate.
  4. Understanding of the impact of adolescent psychological development and social growth upon the development of justice and peace education and action programming for the youth.
  5. Understanding of current catechetical theories and methods and the ability to minister effectively within the parish systems and within the larger church community.
  6. Have the ability to work on weekends and evenings as needed in this ministry.

Qualified and experienced candidates are invited to e-mail a cover letter, outlining major career accomplishments and salary expectations with an attached resume to:

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