Letter to the Editor: Free to choose your employer Print this post

by Billy Atwell, Director of Communications (2/24/12)

There are many misconceptions surrounding the HHS mandate compelling all employers – including religious employers – to pay for abortion-inducing drugs, sterilizations, and contraception through their insurance policies. One of the most common is the idea that the Catholic Church is forcing women to accept its religious beliefs.

When a man or woman is offered a job, they weigh the benefits provided with what they value most. If abortion-inducing drugs, sterilization or contraception are seen as vitally important to one’s employment benefits, then working for a Catholic organization is a bad fit. Furthermore, it is not as if these “services” are hard to come by in today’s society—if people want them, they do not need the Church in order to acquire them.

The recent HHS mandate puts the burden of forced compliance on Catholic institutions and employers, for it mandates that they MUST provide and pay for “services” which they find morally objectionable.  Whose freedom is REALLY at stake here?

Religious organizations and business owners should not be coerced into providing “services” that violate their religious beliefs; this is a basic First Amendment principle.  The HHS mandate is a violation of religious liberty and should be rescinded.

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