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Advent 2017

Diocese of Venice Advent Journey to Jesus through Mary

Step One:

The preparation for consecration may be done by individuals in the Parish or in a group setting and will begin November 21st concluding with the consecration on December 24th.

  • Prior to November 21st, a number of copies of 33 Days to Morning Glory by Fr. Michael Gaitley will be provided to Parishes with the option of additional copies offered for purchase by the Parish or parishioners.
  • 33 Days to Morning Glory is structured as a “do-it-yourself” retreat.  Parishioners are able to do preparation through this book all on their own or are able to form/participate in groups.
  • Please contact your Parish or the Office of Evangelization for more details.
  • For those who desire to have a group led preparation, the Office of Evangelization will work with Parishes to help them establish group leaders to prepare for the consecration.  This may be done within the Parish or by working together with nearby Parishes (and may be led by laity or clergy). 
    • These leaders will be provided with a copy of the retreat leader guide of 33 Days to Morning Glory and the necessary help and training.
    • This retreat guide provides a full outline for the structure of meetings and contains all necessary materials and information.  Leaders have the option of following the program exactly as it is laid out or personalizing it.  If they require any assistance in doing so, the Office of Evangelization will help them to organize and structure it as well as provide additional materials.
    • Leaders may meet on their own within their Parish or work together with local Parishes to prepare for consecration.
    • The Office of Evangelization can provide people to lead groups and/or will teach group leaders as well as offer any teachings/additional materials which may be helpful.

Step Two:

  • Four video reflections connecting the segments of the consecration preparation to the four Sundays of Advent will be posted on Diocesan social media and sent to Parishes directly.
  • These videos may be shown in Parishes or used in any Parish ministry.
  • Bulletin inserts will be sent to Parishes via the Mustard Seed to include in their weekly bulletins containing Marian Advent reflections.

Step Three:

  • Within the 33 days of preparation (November 21st to December 24th), the Office of Evangelization is equipped to provide these services and resources to Parishes:
  • Promotion of Marian devotion through talks and resource materials
  • Bible studies such as “The Bible and the Virgin Mary”
  • Information, resources, and materials can be provided.
  • Additional information about the consecration preparation following Fr. Michael Gaitley’s model in 33 Days to Morning Glory
  • The Diocesan Office of Evangelization can send resources and materials, come to Parishes to teach it, or bring Parish leaders together for teachings and trainings.

Step Four:

  • A prayer of consecration will be sent to each Parish to be recited on the Fourth Sunday of Advent during the Liturgy, consecrating the Parish and parishioners to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Parishioners can join in a section of the prayer).


Additional Resources:

  • The Director of Youth and Young Adult Outreach will coordinate with Youth Directors and Young Adult Directors to incorporate these things into their programs.  Prayers, teachings, and reflections will be provided.  For more information please contact George Smith at
  • The Director of Religious Education will coordinate with DREs to incorporate these things into their programs.  Prayers, teachings, and reflections will be provided.  This will be for the Religious Education programs as well as the Catholic schools.  For more information please contact

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Joshua Mazrin, Director of Evangelization, at  Thank you for your help, dedication, and devotion in this matter!


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