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Our Lady of Fatima

100th Anniversary
May 13, 2017

Fatima is a small town in Portugal, name after Mohammed’s daughter. It was as unlikely a place as any for the Mother of God to appear. The three children she revealed herself to were just as unlikely a group; Lucia (10), Francisco (9), and Jacinta (7). From May through October 1917, Mary visited the children, bring a message of love, encouraging devotion to the rosary and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, while also warning of terrible problems that would happen should the world continue to turn away from her Son.
Facing fierce opposition from family, friends and the Church, the three children attempted to remain faithful to what they saw, were told, and were asked to do by Our Lady. At the heart of Our Lady’s message was the need for devotion to the Rosary and through her to Her Son. Mary finalized her visits in October, drawing enormous crowd. The promised miracle consisted in the sun dancing and then plunging to earth, evaporating three days worth of rain before returning to its original position.
After the events in 1917, both Francisco and Jacinta passed away in the 1919 plague, as predicted by Mary. Only Lucia remained, eventually joining the Carmelites under the name Sister Maria Lucia of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart. She passed away on February 13, 2005.

The Three Secrets of Fatima
Mary’s visits to Fatima included three secrets, the first two which covered the growing apostasy and evil influence of Communist Russia, the Second World War, and the need of prayer in avoiding the fires of Hell. The third secret, held in confidence by the Papacy, was not revealed until recently. John Paul II, upon reading it after the assassination attempt on his life, called for the consecration of the world to Mary, which he did in 1981. An official explanation and copy of the letters containing the secrets can be found at the Vatican Web Site: 

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