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This department monitors the Tri-Annual Financial Review Process, provides bookkeeper training and on-site assistance, performs follow up reviews of all diocesan parishes, missions and schools, as well as operational reviews requested by the Bishop.


Lorraine VanLede-Brown, CPADirector
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Ms. Connie FlynnInternal Financial Services Coordinator
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Frequently Asked Questions:


Who should receive Form 1099 ?

Any unincorporated entity or individual (including clergy)  paid an aggregate of $600 or more in a calendar year for rent or services provided, must be issued Form 1099 Misc. These are due to recipients by January 31st and provided to the IRS by February 28th. Types of vendors most likely to need 1099s at a Parish are, extra clergy, lawn maintenance service providers, cleaning service providers and speakers. Check their corporate status in  Administratively dissolved entities are no longer  corporations.  LLCs are not corporations. LLCs are listed in as well.

When should I issue Form W-2G?

If you have raffle winners with winnings of at least $600, and the winnings are at least 300 times the wager, or if winnings are large enough to require you to withhold taxes, you must issue them Form W-2G for the winnings, reduced by the wager.   Amounts over $5000 subject the winner to withholding.

Bingo winnings, not reduced by the wager, are reportable if they are $1,200 or more.

What do I do when our sales tax exemption certificate is due to expire?

As the expiration date nears, you should receive a renewal application form (Form DR-5) from the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR).   The Florida Catholic Conference has made arrangements with the Florida  Department of Revenue assist you in obtaining your initial or renewal consumer sales tax exemption certificate with minimal effort on your part. Click on the following web link  for  information on application processing procedures:

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