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The 2017 Spiritual Adoption Program begins on the Solemnity of the Annunciation, March 25


Monthly Bulletin Announcements

Parish Spiritual Adoption Program – PDF
Parish Spiritual Adoption Program – Word Format
Spiritual Adoption half-page English ad
Spiritual Adoption half-page Spanish ad
Spiritual Adoption half-page Creole ad

You are invited to begin a 9-month journey of spiritually adopting an unborn child who is at risk of being killed by abortion. Each month you will receive an email update showing you the current stage of development for your adopted baby. Through prayer, you will be united with the mother of this child who is considering the decision of abortion.

Use the button below to register and be a part of this campaign. You will even be able to name this child and keep him/her in your prayers by name!





Esta invitado a comenzar un etapa de nueve meses de adopción espiritual de un niño por nacer, que esté en peligro de ser asesinado por el aborto.   A través de la oración usted estará unida con la madre del niño que esta considerando la decisión de abortarlo. Usted podrá darle un nombre a su bebé y mantenerlo en sus oraciones por su nombre.





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