Ways to Give

by DioceseofVenice | December 9, 2011 3:31 pm

Gifts offer the Diocese the ability to help to those most in need, and give the Diocese the capacity to better spread the Gospel and serve the people of God. Gifts can be unrestricted, meaning the Diocese has a great amount of flexibility to direct funds to where they are needed most, or they can also be designated for a specific purpose. In the left-hand column of this page, there is a tab labeled “What are the options?” That page will help you better understand some of the designations already setup by the Diocese.

An unrestricted gift can still be designated — that is, directed to a particular school or program, and still be considered unrestricted. Why is this important? It allows the Diocese to support where the need is greatest and can have the biggest impact. Unrestricted giving best supports the mission of our Diocese.

For those who would prefer to speak with someone in-person about making a significant contribution, rather than using the online forms provided through the “What are the options?” tab, please contact Dr. Volodymyr Smeryk, Chancellor of the Diocese. For those interested in making a contribution to the Catholic Faith Appeal, please contact Judy Brown, Development Coordinator. For those interested in making a sustained or legacy gift through the Catholic Community Foundation of Southwest Florida, please contact Mr. Michael Morse.

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