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Diocese of Venice Unrestricted Gifts

Unrestricted gifts offer the Diocese the flexibility to direct funds to where they are needed most, giving the Diocese administrators and clergy the latitude to take advantage of unexpected opportunities and to act quickly.

An unrestricted gift can still be designated — that is, directed to a particular school or program, and still be considered unrestricted. Why is this important? It allows the Diocese to support where the need is greatest and can have the biggest impact. Unrestricted giving best supports the mission of our Diocese.

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Timothy Fund (Seminarians)

Established in January 1997, the Diocese of Venice Timothy Fund was established to provide support for the education of seminarians studying to be priests and pastors of tomorrow. The Timothy Fund is a Permanently Restricted Endowment.

While some may feel that they are only one person and wonder what difference your gift or prayer can really make. Be assured that working together, empowered by the Spirit, we can make a difference.

While we have come to know the joy that comes from sharing with the less fortunate, please give thought and consideration to the joy when we are able to create a legacy and provide priests to the Diocese for future generations. You will share in the blessings of al the lives that they touch because of a generous gift which you made possible.

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Televised Mass for the Homebound

The Sunday Mass on Television is an outreach of the Department of Communications and is supported by the donations of viewers. This outreach serves those who, for reasons outside of their control, are unable to attend Sunday Mass in one of the parishes of the Diocese. For many homebound individuals, this outreach reminds them that they are loved by their brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the Diocese of Venice, and that they remain a vibrant and loved part of our faith community.

CLICK HERE to donate to the Televised Mass for the Homebound.

Schools and Education

The Diocesan Education Department exits to assist the Bishop in facilitating the teaching mission of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Venice through Catholic schools, religious education programs, and adult faith formation offerings. The Education Department collaborates with other departments in the Diocese of Venice to provide leadership, service and vision in bringing the children of God at all stages of life into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ through His Church.

CLICK HERE to donate to Schools and Education.

Foundation for the Care of the Migrant Poor

The Foundation for the Care of the Migrant Poor provides assistance to the migrant poor within the Diocese of Venice. Contributions to the Foundation are used to provide help and support to many worthwhile causes within this community. Recent grants awarded by the Foundation include funding requests for literacy training, affordable housing as well as food distribution. Under current economic conditions and high unemployment, the need to support the community is greater than ever.

CLICK HERE to donate to the Foundation for the Care of the Migrant Poor.

Migrant Endowment

Established in 2000, the Diocese of Venice Migrant Endowment is a source of funds to provide assistance to the migrant communities located in within the Diocese. As the Diocese of Venice has grown, the need for support to these communities has continued to increase. Currently the Diocese provides in excess of $1,000,000 to migrant communities to insure that all faithful, regardless of their circumstances are able to share in the sacraments of the Catholic Church. The Migrant Endowment is a permanently restricted endowment.

CLICK HERE to donate to the Migrant Endowment.

Ways to Give to the Catholic Faith Appeal

Giving is a very important part of the life of a person devoted to Jesus Christ. More Catholics are responding to the idea of giving a gift that forever perpetuates our Catholic Faith. There are many ways in which gifts can be made. Examples include: gifts of cash, securities, and works of art, life insurance, royalties and other personal property, as well as gifts of real property. A gift can be made outright to your parish, school, diocese, Catholic Charities or other ministry. An endowed gift can be made through the Catholic Community Foundation of Southwest Florida.

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Or choose one of the following:


A bequest is a concrete way to express gratitude to God for a lifetime of blessings. The gift you give also establishes a lasting legacy of love for others by enabling the Church to continue the preservation and expansion of our Catholic heritage through its many ministries.

Simple bequests can easily be included in a donor’s will or trust. If a will or trust is already written, then a codicil to a will, or an amendment to a trust, allows for a new provision to be added easily. The following legal wording is sufficient for leaving a gift through a bequest:

I bequeath the sum of $________ or ________% of the residue of my estate to Bishop Frank J. Dewane, Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Venice in Florida, whose principal office is located at 1000 Pinebrook Road, Venice FL 34285, for the benefit of (your parish, school, diocese, Catholic Charities or other agency or ministry of the diocese).

A bequest can be further directed according to the donor’s wishes. Gifts restricted for a specific cause must be clearly stated. If you decide to include your parish, the diocese or Catholic Charities in your planning, please let us know. We want to say “thank you” and to thank God for you.


Please call Judy Brown, 941-486-4719, to make sure your stock donation is received and properly credited.

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