Charismatic Renewal

by DioceseofVenice | February 10, 2012 4:34 pm


To foster the spiritual renewal of God`s people by promoting the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, the acceptance, and use of the Charismatic Gifts.


Catholic Charismatic Renewal Joint Commission

Fr. Claudio Stewart, Liaison/Moderator

Commission Members: TBD


English Catholic Charismatic Renewal Commission

Stephanie Oefinger, Coordinator   941-400-8985

Renée A.  Marazon, Asst. Coordinator   419-343-1604


Link for the National Catholic Charismatic Renewal:


Spanish Catholic Charismatic Renewal Commission

Fr. Juan Lorenzo, Spiritual Director       863-675-0030

Mr. Jose J. Soto, Coordinator   239-693-5333 ext. 303 or 239-849-2481

Mrs. Patty Vargas, Asst. Coordinator   941-228-3431

Hispanic Renewal Email:

Link for the National Hispanic Renewal:

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