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For more information regarding Safe Environment:

Dr. Volodymyr SmerykChancellor
Overseer of the Safe Environment Program
941-484-9543 x3012
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Dr. Kristy SwolInterim Director, Safe Environment Awareness Program (Training and Certification)
941-484-9543 x3039
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Ms. Ellen StineDiocesan Director of Human Resources
(General inquiries regarding Safe Environment program)
941-484-9543 x3004
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Ms. Chris MacdonaldEducation Department
(Questions regarding Safe Environment Classes)
941-484-9543 x3037
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Ms. Cara SmithBackground Screening Assistant
(Questions regarding to Fingerprinting)
941-484-9543 x3034
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To report an allegation:

Ms. Barbara DiCoccoVictim Assistance Coordinator
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