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Bob Reddy – Florida Catholic


Shortly before 8 a.m. two busses, one white and one yellow, arrived as part of a morning car line at the new home to St. Catherine Catholic School in Sebring. The busses are carrying students from Avon Park, Lake Placid and Wauchula and represent a massive enrollment increase at the school.

St. Catherine Catholic School Principal Jorge Rivera greets students at the school’s new building in Sebring on Aug. 16.

From 132 students at the end of last school year, there are now 189 students with more coming each day. That is a rapid and impressive growth for a school which opened in 2008 with 32 students.

“The response to our relocation has been truly incredible and a real blessing,” explained Principal Jorge Rivera who greets the students with handshakes, high-fives and even a few fist-bumps. “Getting everything ready was the effort of so many people in the community who see St. Catherine’s as a source of pride.”

Kindergarteners line up at St. Catherine Catholic School in Sebring on Aug. 16.

The new home, about a ½ mile south of the Parish property, was purchased to allow the school to expand from their cramped quarters to a spacious space that includes a gymnasium and fields. The new facility allowed the school to expand to sixth grade this year, with plans to add seventh and eighth in the future. In addition, the classroom offerings have expanded to include more art, Spanish, music, and physical education including sports clubs. There is also an expanded use of technology in the classroom.

Students at St. Catherine Catholic School in Sebring participate in morning prayer on Aug. 16.

It was more than 10-years-ago when St. Catherine Catholic School was first proposed before opening in 2008 with just a few grades. Knowing space was limited within existing parish facilities, it was not long before capacity was reached. It was on May 24 when Bishop Frank J. Dewane blessed the new school building which was purchased with expansion in mind.

The new home to St. Catherine Catholic School in Sebring.

“We knew there was a demand,” Rivera said. “But this has been wonderful. We have families coming everyday asking about what the school has to offer.”


The busses are bringing students from beyond Sebring, showing the need for the Catholic School across a large area. “We are already looking at ways to use our space to its maximum. There is a second floor that is available for renovation that we might need sooner than later. The possibilities are endless as to how far we can go with St. Catherine. The support is there and our future looks very bright.”


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