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The Office of Catholic Schools partners with schools and parents to provide a superior academic experience rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ. The success of that mission is evident in all the ways in which Catholic schools in the Diocese lead:

  • Leading in strong Catholic identity in an atmosphere that supports prayer, sacramental reception, moral development, service in response to the Gospel, and advanced knowledge of the of Catholic faith, shown through high ACRE test scores (Assessment of Catechesis and Religious Education).
  • Leading in Standardized test scores, with (Iowa Test of Basic Skills) in the top quartile in the country.
  • Leading in teaching the whole person, with enhanced offerings in the arts, music, foreign languages, and athletics.
  • Leading in the use of current technologies for teaching and learning.
  • Leading in offering a nurturing yet challenging environment, a rigorous curriculum, high expectations of student performance and behavior, and leadership training.
  • Leading in recognition: four schools are recognized as “Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence.
  • Leading through outstanding ACT scores (average 23.5) and SAT scores (average 519 verbal, 514 math).
  • Leading with a 100% graduation rate and 97% college attendance rate, with the remaining 3% entering the military or work force. 
  • Leading in college scholarship awards (on average, three times the dollar amount of that of public school counterparts).



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