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Natural Family Planning Articles

Why Natural Family Planning Differs from Contraception. Excerpts from a 1998 letter by John Paul II commemorating Humanae Vitae.
Redeemed Sexuality. Theresa Notare, PhD, Assistant Director of the USCCB’s NFP Program, provides a popular explanation of the theology behind NFP. En español.
A Boost for NFP. Rev. Charles Goraieb, a priest of the Diocese of Phoenix, offers a pastoral perspective on NFP.
Responsible Parents are Open to Life. Most Rev. J. Peter Sartain teaches about responsible parenthood.
My Slogan: “Practice Saved Sex!” Journalist, Fletcher Doyle reflects on Natural Family Planning.
Celebrating the Richness of Church Teaching. Noted professor, Janet E. Smith, PhD, explains Catholic teaching on married love and responsible parenthood.
Marriage: The Gift of Love and Life. Most Rev. Victor Galeone, retired Bishop of St. Augustine, offers a reflection on the 40th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae.