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The Diocesan Finance Department administers support programs for parishes, missions and schools including employee benefits, self insurance and the Diocese of Venice Savings & Loan Trust Fund. The Department is also responsible for the financial administration of ministries in the Catholic Center annual budget which includes providing regular financial reporting to the Bishop and Diocesan Finance Council.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the members of the Diocesan Finance Council?

The membership can be found by clicking on the link below.

What is the Diocese of Venice's Savings & Loan Trust Fund?

The diocese maintains a cooperative savings and loan program, in trust for diocesan entities, to manage deposits of medium to long term funds and also to issue loans to participating members, primarily for construction projects. Funds in excess of an entity’s short-term operating needs must be on deposit in the Savings & Loan Trust Fund.

What are Diocese of Venice Savings & Loan Trust Fund current interest rates?

The deposit rate is 1.25% and the loan rate is 3.25%.

How are parish assessments calculated?

Parishes are annually assessed on a percentage of their ordinary income, which is currently 26%, less certain allowable credits. Assessment calculations are prepared using the most recently available June 30 year-end parish financial report. For the majority of parishes, most of their assessment is raised through the Catholic Faith Appeal.

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