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Internal Financial Services

Department services include monitoring the Financial Review Process, performing Follow Up Reviews on Diocesan entities, assessing progress toward correcting problematic items identified in Financial Reviews, and performing Operational Reviews in response to changes in Administration or when requested by the Bishop.

IFS also provides training classes for business managers and bookkeepers, support and assistance with accounting, tax and QuickBooks questions, and tests prospective bookkeeper candidates.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should receive Form 1099?

Any unincorporated entity or individual paid an aggregate of $600 or more in a calendar year for rent or services provided, must be issued Form 1099 Misc. These are due to both recipients by January 31st. Types of vendors most likely to need 1099s at a Parish are, extra clergy, lawn maintenance service providers, cleaning service providers and speakers. Check their corporate status in  Administratively dissolved entities are no longer corporations.  LLCs are not corporations even though they are listed in

When should I issue Form W-2G?

If you have raffle winners that won at least $600 in the calendar year and the winnings are at least 300 times the wager or if winning amounts are $5,000 or more, making the winner subject to withholding, you must issue Form W-2G for the amount of winnings reduced by the wager.

Bingo winnings are reportable if they reach $1,200 in a calendar year.

How do I keep my sales tax exemption current?

The Department of Revenue and the Florida Catholic Conference have revised their agreement regarding reapplication for exemption for EXISTING exempt churches and schools. Currently recognized exempt entities have all received certificates effective 07/01/2021, expiring 06/30/2026. Each entity should have a copy of their exemption, reapplication will no longer be required, and renewal will be automatic.

New parishes/schools seeking an exemption certificate for the first time will need to follow instructions found at which will link you to the DR-5 application.