Vote No on Amendment 4!

Parish Resources

Please share these resources with your parishioners every week between now and election day, November 5, 2024.  Although Election Day seems a long way off, decisions are being made NOW.  In fact, 80 percent vote early or by mail-in ballot!  Mail-in ballots begin September 26, and in-person early voting begins October 21. Most have made up their minds by September 1!  It is urgent that the faithful be alerted to the extreme and dangerous nature of Amendment 4 beginning right now.

In addition to sharing information about Amendment 4 weekly from now until the election, please encourage the faithful to pray for the defeat of this dangerous pro-abortion amendment. A Prayer to Defeat Florida’s Abortion Amendment can be found in the list of resources below, in both English and Spanish.

Resources are listed and hot linked below, simply click and download or save. Most recent listed at the top.



Fact Five – Eliminates Parental Consent

Fact Four – Weakens Medical Doctor Requirement

Fact Three – Creates a Broad “Health” Loophole

Fact Two – Allows Second & Third Trimester Abortions

Fact One – Puts Women at Risk

General Fact Sheet (Spanish)

Frequently Asked Questions (Spanish)

A Prayer to Defeat Florida’s Abortion Amendment

Suggested Prayers of the Faithful (Spanish)

Suggested Pulpit Announcement (Spanish)

Florida Bishops’ Statement Regarding Amendment 4 (Spanish)




Florida Voters Against Extremism, a grassroots team organized by the collaborative effort of pro-life leaders in the state, has put in place the necessary structure to run a statewide campaign.

Find more information, sign-up for emails, or make a donation at Too Extreme for Florida. Connect with Vote No on 4 Florida on FacebookInstagram, and X to keep up with efforts to stop this extreme amendment.

Information and resources are also available from the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops.