Walking with Moms in Need

I’m pregnant!

You’ve come to the right place! Start with a pregnancy help center that is most convenient for you.

Click the red button to find a complete list of pregnancy help centers. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Pregnant? Find Help!

These pregnancy help centers are the best place to start. At a pregnancy help center, you will find individuals who care about you and are dedicated to doing everything possible to help you explore your options by providing accurate information. They can help you verify your pregnancy with an accurate pregnancy test and ultrasound if needed. They have information on the resources available to you that can help to meet your financial, material and emotional needs.

Pregnancy centers also network with other organizations that specialize in providing housing, as well as other necessities. If you need to explore housing options before your appointment at a pregnancy help center, you can find information at this link under “Residential.”

There is help available. Click HERE for pregnancy help centers and housing needs. If you live in the south Sarasota County area and need maternity or baby items beyond what the pregnancy help center provides, contact: Venice Area Pregnancy Care Center – 941-485-1776

For abortion pill reversal help, call this helpline: 877-558-0333. Click here for more information: Abortion Pill Reversal

If you have had an abortion in the past, there is help available.
Learn more about post-abortion healing programs: Help After Abortion

If you are Catholic or want to explore your Catholic roots, contact your local Catholic Church or Jeanne Berdeaux, 941-441-1101 or Berdeaux@dioceseofvenice.org to learn more about the Walking with Moms in Need program. (Every pregnant woman is already a mom!)