Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem

Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities of Knights And Ladies Of The Holy Sepulchre Of Jerusalem

1. To observe and promote the objectives of the Order; which relives in a modern manner the spirit and ideals of the

Crusaders, with the Arms of the Faith, of the Apostolate and of Christian charity, more specifically:

(a) Practice the virtue of charity supporting and aiding the Church and the Catholic Religion in the Holy Land.

(b) Promote the preservation and the propagation of the Faith in the Holy Land, and to aid the Catholic missions in their activities and in their religious, charitable, cultural and social institutions, particularly those of and in the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, with which the Order maintains traditional ties.

(c) Intensify the practice of the Christian life and to deepen evermore their own faith in absolute loyalty to the Roman Pontiffs.

(d) Bring together the Catholics from all over the world, in the love and service to the Holy Land, uniting them in charity by the symbol of the Order, and

(e) Foster in all Catholics and non-Catholics of every nation, interest in the Holy Places.

2. To keep in mind in carrying out their own professional and social duties, Catholic ethical principles.

3. To strive to set an example as a Catholic gentleman or lady in word and deeds, in adherence to moral and religious principles and evangelical spirit.

4. To actively and generously support the Parish and Diocese to which they belong.

5. To give generously and freely to the Order for the sustenance and development of the Catholic works in the Holy Land and to endeavor to make at least one pilgrimage there.

6. To attend annual meetings of their Lieutenancy to renew their promises to the Order given at their investiture.

7. To participate at ceremonies of the Order and of the Lieutenancy whenever possible.

8. Endeavor to attend daily Mass, but in any event to attend Mass not only on Holy Days, but on following times when a Plenary Indulgence is granted under the usual conditions:

(a) The Feast in honor of Holy Mary Queen of Palestine (Last Sunday in October)

(b) The Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross (September 14)

(c) The Feast of St. Pius X (August 21)

(d) The Feast of St. Helena (August 18)

9. To attend the wake and/or the funeral of a departed member whenever possible and called upon to do so.

10. To never risk suspension, expulsion or disciplinary measures by an unethical act of any nature.

11. To assemble annually in a suitable manner to be determined by each local Lieutenancy.

The Southeastern Lieutenancy – by tradition – does not set a specific amount of annual dues but does expect each member to contribute by Annual Contribution according to their means.