Fortnight for Freedom

Activities for Parishes

In keeping with the call for prayer, study, and action during the Fortnight, the following actions are suggested activities and observances for parishes within the Diocese of Venice:

  1. Hold Eucharistic Holy Hours every day during those fourteen days, the first and last day, or on any one day during the Fortnight.
  2. Preach on religious freedom at one or both Sunday Masses during the Fortnight (6/18 & 6/25). (CLICK HERE to view available homily resources)
  3. Order and Distribute a USCCB Religious Freedom Prayer Card to your parishioners and encourage them to pray it daily during the Fortnight. Parishes are also encouraged to pray the prayer before all Sunday Masses. (CLICK HERE to order)
  4. Ring your church bells at noon on June 21st to begin the Fortnight, and then again at noon on July 4th to mark the conclusion of the Fortnight.
  5. Include a USCCB Bulletin Insert in your parish bulletins in the weeks preceding the Fortnight:

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