Safe Environment

Background Re-Screening & Safe Environment Training Re-Certification

The Diocese of Venice engages First Advantage as the provider of fingerprinting, criminal background screening, & data management services.

All employees and those volunteers working with children and vulnerable adults are required to complete Background Re-Screening every 5 years from their initial screening.

Re-certification for 0n-line Safe Environment Training (SET) coincides with the five (5) year background re-screening for all employees and active volunteers.

Re-Screening & Safe Environment Training Re-Certification Process

You will be guided through the process for online fingerprint re-screening and any online re-certification by logging in to Virtus Online

Click here to Login to Virtus Online
    • If you don’t’ remember your Diocese of Venice Virtus account information you will find a link to retrieve your account information on the Virtus Online login page when you click the link above.
    • If you have a Virtus Online account for the Diocese of Venice, do not create a new account.
    • Google Chrome is the recommended browser for Virtus to avoid system issues or delays.

Background Re-Screening Details

First Advantage provides a web-based application & registration system for employees, contractor/vendors, clergy, religious, seminarians, and volunteers to complete fingerprint-based criminal history background screenings in accordance with the Diocese of Venice Policy and Procedural Guidelines relating to the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults. Use the above link to login to Virtus Online, which will guide you through the re-screening process.

During the re-screening process, every attempt is made to re-use fingerprints that are on file in the system, thereby preventing you from having to be re-fingerprinted in person. Occasionally, fingerprints on file cannot be properly re-used and new fingerprints will need to be obtained in person. You will be notified by email if your prints on file cannot be re-used. Fingerprints are submitted electronically to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Results are sent to the Diocesan Background Screening Coordinator within 24 to 48 hours after submission. The coordinator will communicate to the entity to which you are connected.

Cost and payment

  • Rescreening – after 5 years of the “initial” electronic screening (re-use of retained prints)
    • Payment must be made at time of online registration with your personal credit card.
    • $48.75 for employees, clergy, religious, seminarians, and contractors/vendors.
    • Employees, clergy, religious, seminarians, and contractors/vendors will be reimbursed for the cost by submitting a receipt obtained from the Frist Advantage site during registration.
    • $41.25 for Volunteers.
    • Volunteers are not reimbursed for the Cost of Background Screening.
  • Any person whose re-screening results DO NOTmeet the Level II Minimum Standards will be notified of their denial by the entity to which they are connected.
  • Anyone who appeals the validity of information provided by the FDLE or FBI will be required to provide certified court documents clearly stating an acceptable disposition to the charge(s) in question to the Diocesan Human Resources Director.
  • No one can be employed, work as a vendor or contractor, or volunteer unless they have been notified of a successful completion of background re-screening
  • Re-screening is an online process only. There is no need to set an appointment at a facility, unless you are specifically advised to do so.

Safe Environment Training Re-Certification

Those that are completing background re-screening are also required to complete the online Safe Environment Training Re-Certification by logging in to Virtus Online above.

If you have questions regarding this process, please contact your local Parish Business Manager or you may email your questions to Virtus by using the Virtus help screen.