Group to Candidacy for Permanent Diaconate

A group of 10 men were admitted in the Candidacy to the Permanent Diaconate by Bishop Frank J. Dewane on Sept. 24, 2022, in the Chapel at St. Martha Catholic School in Sarasota.

The men, who are from across the Diocese, are in the third year of a five-year formation program to the Permanent Diaconate in the Diocese of Venice. The Rite of Candidacy is an important step that leads to the diaconate. It is a public recognition on the part of the Church that these men are indeed pursuing path, that God willing, leads them to Holy Order and the Permanent Diaconate.

It is also a declaration on the part of the 10 men to publicly commit that they will engage in the formational process, in all its dimensions, with ever-greater dedication and vigor and the highest integrity. This is all made possible by the nurturing support of God’s grace and the support of their families, their formation team, and the prayers of the Church.

Bishop Dewane said that, like the disciples, the diaconate candidates are undergoing a spiritual journey, diving into the vocation in greater depth in knowing, loving, and following Jesus as never before.

“Each of you were called by the Lord and you show your response by your presence here,” Bishop Dewane said. “The Lord continues to prompt you to come together as you learn more how to live the way of Gospel in your life.”

As part of the Rite, the men were called by name and together they took a pledge to complete their spiritual journey and resolve to form their mind and heart to faithfully serve Christ the Lord, in His Body, the Church.

The 10 candidates are: Richard Dhan, St. Agnes, Naples; Richard Hellendbrand, St. Andrew, Cape Coral; Thomas Janszuka, St. Francis Xavier Cabrini, Parrish; Stephen Jendrysik, Incarnation, Sarasota; Jim Jenkins, St. William, Naples; Ramon Kanacheril, St. Vincent de Paul, Fort Myers; Mark Osterhaus, St. Agnes, Naples; Orlando Rubiano, St. Vincent de Paul, Fort Myers; Jeff Tenbarge, St. Peter the Apostle, Naples; and John Trainer, St. Peter the Apostle, Naples.