Catholic Charities Summertime Appeal 2020

Providing food, mental health counseling, housing, and financial assistance to individuals and families has always been the mission of Catholic Charities, Diocese of Venice Inc.

During these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 Pandemic crisis, the program is serving more people than ever. Now is the time to “Be an Angel” to your neighbors in need and consider giving to the annual “Summertime and the Giving is Easy” Appeal.

By “Being an Angel” you will bring about change in the lives of those who look to Catholic Charities for assistance and hope for a brighter future.

Catholic Charities offers the people of Southwest Florida the means to move beyond poverty and achieve self-sufficiency. The appeal is critical for the continuing operations of the three dozen different programs available in locations throughout the 10-county Diocese. These programs, all still functioning during the Pandemic, annually support some 90,000 individuals and families in ways both large and small.

For example, right here in Southwest Florida, many individuals and families go hungry. Catholic Charities food pantries operate year-round, whether there is a Pandemic crisis or not, providing essential nutrition for thousands.

Finding safe, affordable housing or basic shelter is an essential need. Catholic Charities is there with affordable housing for would-be homeless mothers and their young children, transitional housing and much more.

Assisting those in the community who are overwhelmed during difficult times is important, so Catholic Charities offers affordable mental health care which can give youth and adults hopeful future.

Whether there is a Pandemic or not, people struggle with expenses beyond food and housing. Emergency financial assistance allows individuals and families to address needs and stay on track to self-sufficiency.

Philomena Pereira, Chief Executive Officer of Catholic Charities, says all donations – great or small – will enable Catholic Charities to continue to help those most vulnerable in Southwest Florida.

“The annual ‘Summertime and the Giving is Easy’ appeal reminds us all that many people in our communities of Southwest Florida do not have the essentials,” Pereira said. “Please consider a donation. You can make a real difference!”

To donate to theSummertime and the Giving is Easy” appeal, please visit or mail a check to Catholic Charities, 5824 Bee Ridge Road PMB 409, Sarasota, FL 34233-5065.

How Donations Help Others

These are examples of how your dollars can make a difference. Donations of any amount are appreciated.

$10,000 helps maintain 5 transitional houses for homeless families for a year.

$6,500 provides a notebook computer to 20 children.

$4,300 provides a pallet of rice, a pallet of beans, and a pallet of maseca providing 27,950 servings.

$2,000 buys a pallet of beans which provides 15,000 servings.

$1,800 provides English classes to 25 people for one month.

$1,300 provides rent for a family for a month.

$525 provides a child with 10 hours of professional counseling.

$500 provides 5 human trafficking victims a backpack of essential supplies including toiletries, clothing and other necessities.

$500 houses a homeless mother and baby for a week.

$300 assists a victim of human trafficking with mental health counseling for a month.

$250 covers the utilities cost for a veteran for a month.

$250 sustains 5 families from a food pantry for a week.

$100 supplies 10 people living with HIV/AIDS nutrition for a week.

$75 covers the initial appointment for an adult seeking mental health counseling.

$45 provides a mother with a box of diapers.