Naples Parish shows gratitude to Pandemic Heroes

Priests, doctors, nurses, grocery store clerks and so many others have stepped-up to put their own safety on the line during the ongoing response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Many have asked how they can show their gratitude and appreciation for these Pandemic Heroes for their compassion, devotion and service to the community. In response, St. John the Evangelist Parish in Naples has partnered with its health and wellness partner, Blue Zones Project of Southwest Florida, to provide just the right type of acknowledgment.

The Parish is asking the Faithful to share the first name and job title of these heroes. It could be a healthcare worker that recently took care of them or someone they love. Or maybe it is the essential worker at a grocery store, restaurant, religious organization, or utility company whose actions have ensured our continued health and livelihood.

In addition to compiling the names and jobs, which will be posted weekly in the bulletin and online, the Parish will sound its bells each day at 2:20 p.m. in their honor. In addition, the names and occupations will also be listed in the Blue Zones Project newsletters.

Parish Business Manager Jean-Paul Boucher said the “Daily Bellagram” is a way to say, “Thank You!” to those courageous individuals who often go unrecognized while unfailingly answering the call to serve the community.

“With every facet of our lives transformed by the COVID-19 Pandemic and the international response required to save lives, Blue Zones Project and St. John wanted to find a way to positively unite our community in North Naples,” Boucher said.

More than two dozen names were posted in the first week or so. Among those being honored are priests, nurses, pulmonary/critical care specialists, pharmacists, physical therapists, grocery store workers and many more.

If you know of someone you would like to honor, please email with the first name of the individual, along with their occupation or your reason for the gratitude, and they will be prayed for and thanked on a daily basis by the Parish and the Naples Community.